Meet Michelle

Michelle tortured herself for years with self-destructive behavior, suicidal thoughts, bad relationships with men, and that’s just what she did to herself.

The anger that she unleashed on those around her was epic. No, it really was epic! It was talked about in her friend group. They were like, “let’s back out of the bar slowly and nobody look her in the eye.”

Her favorite line when she saw a friend was, “you know what your problem is?” It was a desperate call for help but Michelle didn’t want help. She wanted justification. She wanted an endorsement that her behavior was understandable because she was dealt the losing hand in life. She drew the short stick! She didn’t realize that the act of forgiving could begin her journey to healing.

Once she made the decision to release the anger towards her dad, truly forgive, her life changed for the better. Her quality of life improved. Her professional career advanced. Her relationship with her friends changed. Her ability to care for and embrace others transformed her life. Her relationship with her family, especially her father, developed into a loving and caring world.

She was free! Forgiveness to Freedom!


Michelle's Professional Journey

Michelle helped to make sure the swimming public was safe by serving the mission of the National Swimming Pool Foundation for 13 years.  She was the Mission Development Director for the last 7 of those years.  In 2019, Michelle took on a new role as the Executive Director of the California Pool & Spa Association.  Her journey continues in the swimming pool world as she strives to help the aquatics industry in CA, the largest pool and spa market in the U.S. 

She served as an officer for three consecutive terms, including President, of Pikes Peak Toastmasters in Colorado Springs.  She spent many years empowering women of domestic violence at TESSA of Colorado Springs as well.  For Michelle, helping women who have a similar story is something she is very passionate about. 

Why Forgive?

  • It is about you, not them
  • More open & available to others
  • Less anxiety
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved heart health
  • Improve self esteem
  • Healthier relationships Freedom!

What is Forgiveness? 

  • A process that involves examining your feelings and understanding the impact on your life.
  • It's a decision to let the past be what it was, to leave it as is, imperfect and not what we wish it had been.
  • A conscious decision to let go of negative feelings whether the person deserves it or not.
  • An openness to meeting the present moment freshly.
  • We take on the role of our own caring witness and offer ourselves the compassion we need.

What Holds People Back? 

  • We think it excuses their behavior
  • We want them to suffer
  • It validates our hurt
  • It holds on to our rightness
  • Waiting for acknowledgement and an apology